Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge (Keto Friendly)

I confess I'm not following a diet or lifestyle change this January, but if you are, this recipe might help! What "diet" are you doing this January and how is it going?

These peanut butter and jelly fat bombs will help you curb those sugar cravings if you're on the keto diet or eating low carb. There's no sugar in this peanut butter fudge.

It's the middle of January and so many people are on special diets, whether that be keto, a different low carb version, the Whole 30 or a dry January challenge. Here's an easy keto dessert recipe to help you through the rest of January! These peanut butter and jelly fudge bites are perfect for when you're feeling that 4pm slump or sugar cravings. 

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge (Keto Friendly)

Makes around 40 pieces

  • 125g blackberries

  • 125g raspberries

  • (Optional: 1 tbsp maple syrup)

  • 350g peanut butter (without added sugar)

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil

Wash blackberries and raspberries and add to a pot. Optionally, add a little maple syrup. Simmer on low for 10 minutes until they’re easy to break up. Use a hand mixer or blender to blend smooth. Reduce on low heat for 15 minutes. Leave aside to cool.

Add your peanut butter and coconut oil to a pot and heat gently, just so they mix well together. Once the mixture is smooth, take off the heat. 

Line a freezer-safe container with grease-proof paper. Pour in the peanut butter mixture and allow it to cool a little bit. Once it’s a little cooler, add the berry juices. Use a chopstick to create swirls. Set in the freezer overnight. 

Once frozen, remove the paper and chop up into little, bite-sized pieces. Store in the freezer. Take out the fudge 5-10 minutes before serving. Eat as a keto friendly snack, to kick the sugar cravings! 


Music by DJ Quads.