"Woven" Heart Cookies (Julehjerter som Småkager)

"Woven" heart cookies. The story behind these cookies is that, in Denmark, woven paper hearts (julehjerter) are a very common decoration around Christmas. I thought, "How cool would it be if you could make a cookie that looked like a 'julehjerte'?". Perhaps the question is more, "Is it worth it?!" I'll leave that up to you!

Only attempt if you like puzzles, are a perfectionist and have a whole lot of time on your hands. 😆

You'll need your favorite cookie dough recipe - I used this one for Pebernødder (but omitted the pepper).

If you make this recipe, share the results with me! Comment below, or tag me on Instagram: @incarinaskitchen. It makes my day when you guys share your love of food with me. Happy cooking!

Music by Joakim Karud