For Beautiful Salads, Fillet, Supreme or Slice your Oranges

A beautiful way to use oranges (especially blood oranges with their vibrant color), is to slice or fillet/supreme them. In this quick how-to guide, I show you how to fillet/supreme an orange, ASMR style. (I recently learned that this is also known as supreming an orange /how to supreme an orange)

Please do be careful and confident in your knife skills when you do this! You'll be holding the orange in your hand and slicing towards the palm of your hand. You don't want to end up with "avocado hand" or in this case "orange hand"! 

How to Fillet an Orange

Use a small, sharp knife for better control and a rounder finish. First, cut off both ends. Stand the orange on one end. Follow the curve of the orange, and slice off the orange peel. Slice off any extra pieces of peel, leaving only the orange flesh. Hold the full orange securely in your hand. Use the knife to carefully follow the two edges of the wedge, slicing only to the core. You can squeeze the remaining skin as an extra drizzle of juice over a salad. Another pretty way of using oranges, is cutting them into slices, after carefully slicing off the skin. Both methods are beautiful on salads.