Thrash Metal Cooking

I have a hard time finding suitable music for my videos. As a joke, my boyfriend Liam suggested Slayer and he created and uploaded a video to Reddit. Then it started trending...

Here’s the video he posted:

What do you do when people start overwhelming you with responses to your videos and so many requests for more Slayer videos? You give the people what they want…at least one more time. Liam created a new video less than 24 hours later:

I've been overwhelmed with the response to my videos and so many Slayer lyrics in my comments over the past 24 hours! Thank you for all the nice comments and new subscribers!!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be using thrash metal for my future videos, but I hope that some of my new subscribers still stick around. Also, never say never…

Find more of my boyfriend’s hilarious creations over here:

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